Mystics Corner - Eclectic gifts, Occult items, & Sci-fi memorabilia
Mystics Corner is an eclectic gift shop with sci-fi memorabilia, new age products & services, tv & movie collectibles and superhero merchandise sold at affordable prices.
We carry Celebrity Ducks, The Walking Dead, Dr Who, Vinyl Pops, Superman, Batman, Steampunk, Skulls, Angels, Dragons, Fairies, Occult Books, Rocks, Purses, Jewelry, Knifes, Swords, Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Sage, Sweetgrass, Egyptian, Buddhas, Quan Yins, Trinket Boxes, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Tarot Cards, Retro Meko Dolls, Kiss, Magnets, Star Trek, Next Generation, Lord of  the Rings, Incense, OU, OSU, Essential Oils, Mirrors, Gargoyles, Earrings, Art, Backpacks, Southpark, Meditation Music, Goblins, Wind Chimes, Altar Cloths, Pashmina Scarves, Pendulums, Journals, Ravens, DC Universal Vinyl Figures, Bobble Heads, Autographed Pictures, Star Trek Tribbles, Ghost Buster Dolls, T-shirts, Flash Gordon Dolls, Buck Rogers Dolls, Monster High Dolls, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mazinger Z Action Figures, Thunder Cat Toys, Big Bang Dolls, Godzilla,  Superwomen, Spiderman, toys and other collectibles!
6704 NW 39th Expressway
Bethany, OK 73008
Business Hours
12 Noon-5 PM Wednesday - Friday
12 Noon-6 PM Saturday
Phone: 405-317-5701
Closed Holidays, Sick Days, Concert Days, Trade Show Days & Vacation Days  
No Smoking!
No Vapes!
No Taking Pictures!
No Soliciting!
No Stealing, Zombies will attack!
All Sales Final, Money already spent!
Cash and Credit Cards.
Fill out our contact form to join our mailing list for sales and class information.
Thank you & come back again!
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